Christos Plachouras

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Queen Mary University of London, Center for Digital Music (C4DM) - PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Music
Thesis: Continual learning for music, Advisors: Emmanouil Benetos, Johan Pauwels
Sep 2023 - Present

Universitat Pompeu Fara, Music Technology Group (MTG) - MSc in Sound and Music Computing
Thesis: Evaluation framework for music representation learning, Advisors: Dmitry Bogdanov, Pablo Alonso
Sep 2021 - Aug 2023

New York University - BSc in Computer Science, Major in Music, Minor in Sound and Music Computing
Thesis: Hierarchical music structure analysis and similarity, Advisor: Carlos Guedes
Sep 2017 - May 2021

Experience (selected)

Utopia Music - Data Scientist (R&D)
Audio fingerprinting deep learning models for massive-scale broadcast monitoring
Oct 2022 - Jul 2023

Audiostack - R&D Engineer
Programmatic sound design, rearrangement, and mixing
Jan 2022 - Jul 2022

Music and Sound Cultures Research Lab - Research Assistant
Music similarity, mode recognition, and visualization for large, non-eurogenic music collections
May 2018 - Jun 2021

NYU Steinhardt - Research Student
Hierarchical music structure analysis and structure similarity
Sep 2019 - May 2019


Publications and presentations

mir_ref: A Representation Evaluation Framework for Music Information Retrieval Tasks |
Plachouras, C., Alonso-Jiménez, P., Bogdanov, D.
Machine Learning for Audio Workshop, Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2023

Music rearrangement using hierarchical segmentation |
Plachouras, C., Miron, M.
IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2023

Utilizing Hierarchical Structure for Audio-Based Music Similarity |
Plachouras, C.
Late-Breaking Demo, International Society of Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR) Conference, 2021

Mapping Timbre Space in Regional Music Collections using HPSS Decomposition |
Ganguli, K.K., Plachouras, C., Sentürk, S., Eisenberg, A., & Guedes, C.
International Conference on Timbre, 2020

Computational Audio Analysis for Cultural Heritage Preservation |

Plachouras, C.
Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR), 2019

Mapping the Sounds of the Swahili coast and the Arab Mashriq |

Trochidis, K., Russell, B., Eisenberg, A. J., Ganguli, K., Gonez, O., Plachouras, C., Guedes, C., & Danielson, V.
TROMPA presentation, Digital Libraries for Musicology (ISMIR 2019), 2019

Active topics (contact me for collaboration)

Continual Learning for Music
Making deep learning systems more adaptable to real-world music scenarios.

Evaluation of discriminative music embeddings
Hollistic evaluation of music embeddings: robustness, ease of information extraction, and generalizability.

Audio Fingerprinting using self-supervised learning
Learning optimal fingerprints for music identification and broadcast monitoring.

Music rearrangement
Methods for rearranging a music recording so that it matches a new duration.

Audio-based hierarchical structure analysis and similarity |
Methods for computing a hierarchical representation of music structure from recordings and defining a similarity metric between them. Utilized for music similarity metrics and cover song identification.

Computational approaches to music cultural heritage preservation |
Digital music library audio-feature-based organization, indexing, visualization, and searchability.


Compositions (selected)

MUFFLED (album) |
Christos Plachouras, October 2021

You Drive Me Crazy |
Christos Plachouras, September 2021

New Time |
Christos Plachouras, August 2020

12 Preludes of Tonal Resolution for Piano (album) |
Christos Plachouras, August 2019

Ascending |
NYU Bleep Bloop, September 2019

Piece for String Quartet |
Omer Quartet, Live at NYUAD Blue Hall, March 2019

Performances (selected)

Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto No. 2, I. Moderato |
Christos Plachouras, Iaonnis Potamousis, Live at NYUAD Blue Hall, December 2018

Bach - Partita No. 2 in C minor, I. Simfonia |
Christos Plachouras, Live at NYUAD Blue Hall, May 2018

Messiaen - Vingt Regards - II. Regard de l'étoile |
Christos Plachouras, Studio Odeon, Athens, October 2016

Making music online |
Making music online in real time with musicians across the world, 2020


Perspectives on Music Performance Anxiety |
Why your stage fright uncovers deeper issues in music education and culture

Reflections |
A collection of weekly reflections on topics such as wellbeing, happiness, and meditation.